Mental Wellbeing: A Complete Guide

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Being at our best is often defined as being at our best mentally and emotionally. By improving our mental and emotional health, we’re hoping to improve our real life performance. But there are mental health issues that can rob us of that fullest for us. Mental wellbeing is linked to our sense of self esteem.

How can it be improved?

But where can you find help in improving your self esteem? Many people think they’re suffering from a disease but aren’t taking care of their own well being. Other people think they have a problem but aren’t attending to it.

Rather than suffering I would always choose to treat my self esteem problems the natural way. By eating well and having good mental and emotional health I’m ensuring I have what I need to feel good and performing at my best.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I do that can make my day extremely difficult. I consume what is known as white wine or wine in my day and that can be very frustrating. The same can be said of eating fatty foods.

What can you do?

What I do know is that I’m doing the things I can be doing to improve my self esteem such as going to the gym and having a good diet.

But there are other things you can do too.

What I did was make a list of things that helped improve my day.

1: Reading

2: Having a goal for the day

3: achieving that goal

4: Some laughter

5: Some sadness

6: Some fear

7: Some enjoyment

8: Some laughter

9: Some sadness

10: Some fear

So to live a better life it doesn’t seem as easy as that isn’t it?Getting your daily dose of laughter doesn’t have to be used in isolation. If you find yourself laughing through your daily routine it can be a great distraction.

Of all the things to look forward to your laughter. It isn’t going to be what you’re looking for so if you’re looking for the source of the laughter its best to look for the source in your daily activities, your diet or your sense of self.

Find your daily activities and add some more of those onto your list for your endorphins release. Adding in some more laughter is a great place to start your day.

In your diet keep an eye on those fats and calories. Don’t forget the funny story too.

Final Words

Find your sense of self and what you enjoy doing. If it’s reading than you can keep your eyes on the paper. If its playing a game than take the TV remote in your hand and if its fun in the sand or watching a movie than go and have a ridicule.

Your goal then should be to try and identify how you can use these activities to bring more enjoyment and laughter into your daily routine. If its not bringing in enough laughter daily then you need to dig deeper.

If you’re not getting enough laughter in your life, daily, then your self esteem maybe suffering. The thing is we are social beings and if you don’t relate to people in your social world you will never develop real empathy.

Before you decide to do something, have a why.why does it roast, why do you need to work on your daily Laughing ability, why do you keep doing it and why is it important for you. Once you know your why, you can set about making the daily Laughing tasks a part of your life, the why becomes the solution.

So make it your daily (or weekly or monthly) challenge to try and bring in a few more snacks in the store, a few more laughs on the tube, reading a few more jokes, visiting a few more comedy websites and generally have a why – why it is important for you.

Published by Hazel O'Neil

A sense of community is so important so we can support and help each other to maintain a healthy wellbeing balance.

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